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    • Remove any background objects from the frame A blank wall at your back works best!
    • Be at a comfortable distance from the camera Around 15-20 inches from the camera is ideal.
    • Ensure the room has appropriate lighting A dark environment can make it hard to detect your face.

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Dancer - Caramel Crunch

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Style Note

When the music starts, you can't stop dancing. Why not complement your fancy footwork with some fancy frames? This square design is hip enough to keep up with you, every step of the way.


  • Size - Medium
  • Material - Acetate
  • Availability - In stock
  • Rating -

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100% UV coating Prescription Polarized Lenses (extra)

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Reviews from our customers
December 7th 2014

in Ohio
These seem to be alittle small for her face. Not sure if I'm going to keep these or not. How long do I have to return? Thanks
November 1st 2014

in Louisiana
I got the Dancer frames in dressy tortoise, and they are exactly what I was hoping for. I love the shape, they fit my face, and they're comfortable. The only complaint I have is that I don't think the Rx is right.
October 22nd 2014

in Alabama
I love these a lot. They're pretty great!
August 8th 2014

in Missouri
Too narrow. I like the wild colors.
August 4th 2014

in Maryland
So far I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from friends and colleagues. I do like the modern look and the fact that it goes well with the type of shape my face has. Thank you!
July 25th 2014

in Texas
I was nervous ordering glasses without trying them on first, but I LOVE these frames! They fit perfectly and compliment my face. They feel stronger and more sturdy then any of the $200+ frames I tried on at a retailer. 2 days of wearing them and I've already gotten comments on how cute they are from strangers. I'm so happy with them!
June 23rd 2014

in New York
Luv 'em
June 2nd 2014

in New Jersey
Love my new glasses!
May 21st 2014

in Maryland
Love them. Today was my first day wearing them & I received many compliments.
May 13th 2014

in Nebraska
I kind of like these, but overall the frames were too narrow for my face and the colors weren't as varried and bright as I was hoping for.
May 9th 2014

in Massachusetts
I've gotten a compliment every single time I've worn these. They're flashy, but not over the top. I love them.
April 12th 2014

in California
Love these frames! I was nervous about ordering glasses online, but this was a great experience.
April 9th 2014

in New York
loved them!
February 5th 2014

in Virginia
I really love my new Bonlook glasses. The colors are bright enough to be fun but not so much that I feel silly wearing them. The size is just right for my head, they sit on just right, not too loose and not too tight. It is Very important to know what size head you have and pay attention to the size of the frames (small, medium or large). I must be like Goldilocks because these mediums are JUST RIGHT>
February 4th 2014

in Georgia
I absolutely love my new Dancer Frames!!
February 4th 2014

in Tennessee
They aren't as colorful as the picture, but the styling is nice.
January 17th 2014

in West Virginia
These look great with casual clothes or dressing up. I'm so happy with my choice. A bit snug on me but I have been told I have a fat face!
December 10th 2013

in Colorado
I quite like my new Dancer frames. The fit is great, and they are exactly what I was expecting!
December 8th 2013

in Georgia
Thank you BonLook!