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Measurements 53 - 15 - 139

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Dolled Up - Dreamy Tortoise


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  • Anti-Reflective Prescription Lenses
  • Scratch-Resistant Coating
  • Anti-Glare Coating

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Style Note

Love getting all dolled up? With their bold cateye shape, these large frames are delightfully fancy and feminine. Choose black or tortoise for a toned-down vibe.


  • Size - Medium
  • Material - Acetate
  • Availability - Out of stock

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Reviews from our customers
October 17th 2014

in North Carolina
Absolutely love these!! I've been looking for a cute pair of cat eye glasses for awhile now and kept coming back to these. I finally gave in and bought them and do not regret my choice one bit. They are so stylish and like how they fit my face shape. They shipped and arrived fast too!
October 17th 2014

in Arizona
Love them. They are bigger in person on my little head but I'm excited to put lenses in them!
October 17th 2014

in Arizona
Love them. They are bigger in person on my little head but I'm excited to put lenses in them!
October 17th 2014

in Arizona
Love them. They are bigger in person on my little head but I'm excited to put lenses in them!
October 15th 2014

in Virginia
I love, love, love these glasses. I had to work with Customer Service to help get my prescription. They were very helpful Turn around on the glasses was fast, i had them in a matter of days. I will definitely order from Bonlook again.
October 11th 2014

in New York
I LOVE these. They fit my face so well. They are big without being giant. They are cat-eyed without being extreme. Perfect for everyday. Great quality too.
October 10th 2014

in Texas
Perfect frames! I love them! Its the first day of wearing them to work, and its been non-stop compliments!
October 9th 2014

in California
Love! Love! Love!
October 7th 2014

in Nebraska
LOVE these frames. However, they're slightly crooked the way they sit on my face. I don't have a nose bridge so that might be part of it, but even still it sits more heavily on the right side of my nose than my left. However, I still love the frames. They're sturdy and I can't wait to wear them often!
October 7th 2014

in Idaho
LOVE! I couldn't be happier:) I'll definitely be ordering again!
October 7th 2014

in Louisiana
They slide down my nose a bit but otherwise I really like them. They are lightweight and don't pinch
October 6th 2014

in Nevada
So many compliments on these glasses! They don't sit perfectly if you have an Asian nose, but close enough.
October 4th 2014

in California
I love my new glasses! I will definitely buy more glasses from your website! I have recommended you to all my friend !
October 2nd 2014

in Illinois
A beautiful cat eye frame with plenty of lense real estate.
September 28th 2014

in Illinois
Fits great, looks awesome. I get compliments everywhere I go.
September 26th 2014

in Maryland
I love them! They are such a compliment and the angle of them is perfect. My only complaint is that I can see light reflection in the bottom of the lenses, which is intensified in the sun. But, it's not bothersome, just noticeable. Very high quality frame, fit perfectly behind the ears. Definitely recommend them!
September 24th 2014

in District of Columbia
These frames are the prefect balance of being totally funky and fun, while still being wearable for everyday. I have a pretty big head and these fit me great!
September 24th 2014

in California
Lovely glasses, I just really the vibe they help me pull off. I was so glad when I got them out of the package and they weren't too small or too big, like I have had trouble with other cateye frames. They sit well, but tend to slide off my bridge occasionally. Other than that totally worth the price.
September 24th 2014

in California
I love them, they fit so flattering to my face and the compliments are just keep rolling in.
September 12th 2014

in Georgia
Love them, and they fit perfectly!