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Hi Guys!

Welcome to BonLook’s blog!

We are very excited to launch this blog on fashion eyewear; celebrity’s styles; vision care and on how to get involved to help people in need of glasses!

Let us introduce ourselves. We are just like you. We love fashion, travels, parties, movies, Vogue & GQ magazines, but most of all, we love having our very own style and to look good! That’s where BonLook comes from: Great Look!


As you may have already read, BonLook was founded with the mission of offering hot and stylish glasses at a reasonable price. Why? Because we believe that the right to sight with a great look (bonlook) should be accessible for all!

We are very stubborn on 2 things: 1 – to be as green as we can and 2 - to share our success with an NGO that helps children to have access to proper vision screening and treatment.

1 – Being green as much as we can!

Jennifer Aniston Look Style Glasses Hair MadridJennifer Aniston is looking very chic and sexy as usual! Promoting her latest movie Just Go With It in Madrid, Spain, she looks fabulous with her big but delicate brown frames!

Want the same look? Our Hooverville Frames are just for you!



Oscars Anne Hathaway glasses fashionOscar co-host Anne Hathaway is looking amazing as usual!
Her superstylist, Rachel Zoe, knows what’s best for her!

Like her chic big black frames? Get the Kent frames in black!

Erin Brockovich Glasses Rock Buttom American MorningLet’s make this day a day to remember! We deserve it! Take some time off work and do the things you love the most! Go shopping, eat something with too many calories, read a good book, buy your favourite wine and make heads turn!

kanye West Sunglasses Paris Fashion Week celebritiesThe Fashion Week in Paris is now over but we can all agree that it was quite an adventure! From John Galliano getting fired by Dior to Valentino exquisite collection of sheer fabrics, many hot celebrities attended this world wide event!  Kanye West was spotted enjoying Paris with friends and rocking the city in style!

Courtside hottie Robert Downey Jr at the Laker game sporting a new short 'do and new pair of glasses. Buy a pair of our classic High Flyer frame and look as charming as RDJ!

Photos from London Ent/

Newly single Bradley Cooper on his way back to LA wearing some sharp glasses. Congrats to Bradley, his new movie Limitless took the top spot at the box office this weekend! Try out our Creme Caramel frame. Perfect for an everyday look!

Jon Hamm eyeglasses Sucker Punch Don DraperWell hello there...Mad Man hottie and leading man Jon Hamm joins the ladies of his new movie Sucker Punch last night at the LA Premiere. Gentlemen, try our classic frame C'est La Vie in blue, green or red!

Don't you love Angela's style from Madrid? We think she rocks! This is once again the proof that wearing hot frames can spice up your style! We love her glasses - they are just like the Bamboo Midnight Kiss Black!

Sienna Miller Sunglasses, round sunglasses, clear sunglassesSienna, Sienna, Sienna! Always looking uniquely sexy!  People have been craving to find these amazing sunglasses for the summer! Check out the Week-end@Bernie’s Clear (also available in Tortoise) for the hottest vintage look of the summer!

nerd glasses, lookbookLike many of you, we are fans of the most exquisite and stylish fashionistas on lookbook.  We take pleasure at being blown away by the talent of so many people around the globe!

Jennifer Love Hewitt nerd glassesWhat a lovely frame! The always chic Ghost Whisperer leading lady is stylish with her new pair of black nerd eyeglasses. Get the same look with a pair of our smoking hot black BonLook eyeglasses. You'll be sure to turn heads this spring with this smart and edgy look.

Happy Earth Day to all!

My name is Melanie and I’m one of the founders of BonLook. I’m very happy to have the opportunity with this blog to share with you ideas of simple things we should all do at work to make each day like Earth Day.

Andrew Garfield glasses New York, Amazing Spider-ManOur new favorite superhero Andrew Garfield was spotted in New York filming his next big movie The Amazing Spider-Man (opening in July 2012). How sexy is the Social Network hottie wearing glasses! Try our Smoking Hot Tortoise frames for the same look.

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Ryan Gosling nerdy glasses, Crazy stupid loveAre you cold? Here's something hot:  Ryan Gosling wearing nerdy glasses! Here he is in LA all sexy with his dishevelled hair and scruffy beard.  Talk about drooling at the office. Try our J’adore frames for the same look.

Hey guys,

Here’s our top 5 Nerd Glasses for MEN on LOOKBOOK this week. Get inspired by these 5 fashion enthusiasts from around the world. Let them show you how stylish spectacles can spice up your look!

5 From Morocco, Hamid looks like a rock star with a cool blazer, messy hair and big geeky frames!

Style scrapbook Morning ParadeHey guys,

Hope you all had a good week-end. Let’s start the week with Andy, the amazing Fashion Stylist and Blogger behind Style Scrapbook. What do you think of her Look of the Day "ORANGE"?

Hilary Duff black wayfarer sunglassesHow much are you enjoying summer so far? Here is singer and actress Hilary Duff spending a nice sunny day out in Los Angeles. We just love her laid back look and fun accessories. Try out our own wooden version of wayfarer, the Smooth Criminal in black.