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It is invisible, penetrating and pervasive. It poses considerable danger to human eyes and skin. Yet, most people are unaware of the serious vision problems that can be caused by exposure of the sun’s unseen rays. Ultraviolet (UV) exposure has risen in recent decades as the Earth’s protective ozone layer has been depleted.  The damage can occur at any age, but there’s often a cumulative punch in later years. Many people make the connection between skin cancer and sun exposure but very few people understand the potential hazard to the eye.

Brad Pitt sunglasses Cannes

After Pitt's The Tree of Life movie won the coveted Pal d'Or in Cannes, lovely couple is stepping out again this time in LA for the Premiere of Jolie's Kung Fu Panda 2 movie. It seems Brad cannot go anywhere without his tinted shades! Safe to say it should always be part of a men's wardrobe.

Robert Pattinson with vintage sunglasses on the set of Cosmopolis in TorontoWatch out Canadians! Here's your chance to get a glimpse at British actor Robert Pattinson. He has been shooting Cosmopolis in Toronto for a few weeks now. Cosmopolis is directed by David Cronenberg and features Jay Baruchel, Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Samantha Morton just to name a few...sure looks promising! Oh, and Rob, we are loving the comb over.

Hey guys,

Summer is here! Let’s end this beautiful week with our top 5 eyewear looks! Sorry boys, women only! We’ll cover you guys next week!

5.Juliett from Poland is looking chic and trendy with her pink shorts, a classic jacket and great accessories. We have a soft spot for the glasses which give her a stylish geeky look. Check out the Hooverville in Burgundy for a similar look.

Retro Round sunglassesHey Guys,

Hope you had a good and sunny week-end! Since summer has arrived and that we are all enjoying spending time outside (finally!), we thought we should start the week by sharing a post from Rachel-Marie l., a photographer and model from Chicago.

Bradley Cooper sunglasses French OpenWe can't get enough of man of the hour Bradley Cooper! Here he is with his signature blue tinted sunglasses enjoying a nice sunny day at the French Open.  Bradley was in France promoting his summer blockbuster movie The Hangover 2. 

Matt Damon eyeglassesCheck out Matt Damon looking all serious last night at the Freeing Voice Changing Lives Benefit Gala.  The Boston native actor must be ecstatic seeing the Bruins leading the Stanley Cups Finals...must be following the games very religiously...Try our Bebop rectangle shape frame in tortoise or in brown for the same look.

Richard Branson Rihanna F1 Montreal 2011What a week-end that was! From Richard Branson’s private party, to Rihanna’s concert and having the pleasure of seeing Bradley Cooper filming his latest movie The Words, this All Star week-end ended with an extraordinary F1 final!

Here are some pics of the week-end – Enjoy ;)

Rihanna and Richard Branson back stage at the F1 (source:




Retro round sunglasses BeyonceRound retro sunglasses are a must for this summer! Look how fun and stylish they look on singer Beyonce!  They complete her casual look perfectly.

Happy Friday Guys!

We hope you had a good week and are now getting ready for the week-end! As promised, here’s our top 5 of men wearing vintage glasses – a MUST for the hipster crowd!

Nicole Richie black sunglasses with sonActress and fashion designer Nicole Richie strolling in LA with her son Sparrow looking dashing wearing her signature black oversized shades.  We're loving the hat too!

Finding the perfect pair can be a challenge but knowing your face shape can help narrow down the search for a pair that mirrors your look and personality while making you feel confident.


Kirsten Dunst sunglasses at Winbledon

Actress Kirsten Dunst and editor of the British magazine Lula, Leith Clark, are both enjoying a sunny day at Wimbledon! We must say we're a bit jealous of their fabulous shades. Try the Simply Fabulous BonLook frames with tinted lenses for the same cool look!

Retro eyeglassesFashion, Thoughts and Inspiration – Check out Jag Lever’s blog! Rachel is looking amazing (as usual) with her Urban Dandy in Black! We loved this picture so much we thought it should get our Best Look of the week! Don’t you think she looks gorgeous?


Helen KellerGood morning guys! Today is the birthday of a remarkable woman so we thought we should share her story with you. Helen Keller was born in Alabama, in 1880.

Zoe Kravitz with round sunglassesHere's actress Zoe Kravitz walking around LA wearing vintage round shape sunglasses. You can catch Zoe in the latest X-Men: First Class movie now in theaters. Try our Week-End @ Bernie's clear sunglasses for the same look! You absolutely need a pair to add personality to your summer wardrobe.

It is important for BonLook to have the minimal impact on the environment as possible. This is why all the plastic frames we sell are made with a material called cellulose acetate. Did you know that cellulose acetate is made from wood pulp, a renewable resource? This means that it can be composted or incinerated, compared to eyeglasses made with injection molding.

Here's Anne Hathaway, looking stunning as always, arriving at the Valentino show last week for the Haute Couture Week in Paris. What's more  glamourous than a pair of retro oversized sunglasses!

Round eyeglasses and sunglasses lady gagaAh! John Lennon… No, not for his messages of peace, but for his signature glasses ;) Round glasses are quietly replacing the square frames that are currently all the rage. The elegance and timeless style of this original classic promise to keep you looking celeb-chic. Round glasses were recently popularized by Lady Gaga who has been wearing them all the time since “Paparazzi” video.

Sienna Miller with clear round sunglassesSienna Miller lookin' good! Following yesterday's post about round glasses, we LOVE her signature round shape clear sunglasses. Did you know that you can add grey, brown or green tinted lens on all our frames! Try our Weekend @ Bernies for the same look.

Justin Timberlake Ray Ban sunglassesActor and singer Justin Timberlake drop by the Today show in NYC on Monday to chat about his new movie, Friends with Benefits. Always in style, Timberlake is sporting nerdy oversized black sunglasses.

Signs that tell you to visit your eye doctorMany people are unaware of the problems their lifestyle choices may cause to their eyes. Most of the time, the headaches, sore eyes, neck and shoulder pain, and other similar symptoms are thought of as stress. Did you know these symptoms can also be problems with your eyes?

HKI Homestead Food Production Program

Hello! BonLook is a proud sponsor of Helen Keller International (HKI) and supports its ChildSight® program in New York.

Vanessa Hudgens new hairdo with round sunglasses in LAHere's Vanessa Hudgens riding her bike in Studio City, California last Sunday. The 22 year old actress is showing off her new smart and short short hair do'... very different from her very very long locks we are used to non? One thing is for sure, Vanessa doesn't disappoint with her look here wearing very nice oversized round shape vintage shades. Gorgeous, oui!