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Sienna Miller Sunglasses, round sunglasses, clear sunglassesSienna, Sienna, Sienna! Always looking uniquely sexy!  People have been craving to find these amazing sunglasses for the summer! Check out the Week-end@Bernie’s Clear (also available in Tortoise) for the hottest vintage look of the summer!

nerd glasses, lookbookLike many of you, we are fans of the most exquisite and stylish fashionistas on lookbook.  We take pleasure at being blown away by the talent of so many people around the globe!

Jennifer Love Hewitt nerd glassesWhat a lovely frame! The always chic Ghost Whisperer leading lady is stylish with her new pair of black nerd eyeglasses. Get the same look with a pair of our smoking hot black BonLook eyeglasses. You'll be sure to turn heads this spring with this smart and edgy look.

Happy Earth Day to all!

My name is Melanie and I’m one of the founders of BonLook. I’m very happy to have the opportunity with this blog to share with you ideas of simple things we should all do at work to make each day like Earth Day.

Andrew Garfield glasses New York, Amazing Spider-ManOur new favorite superhero Andrew Garfield was spotted in New York filming his next big movie The Amazing Spider-Man (opening in July 2012). How sexy is the Social Network hottie wearing glasses! Try our Smoking Hot Tortoise frames for the same look.

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Ryan Gosling nerdy glasses, Crazy stupid loveAre you cold? Here's something hot:  Ryan Gosling wearing nerdy glasses! Here he is in LA all sexy with his dishevelled hair and scruffy beard.  Talk about drooling at the office. Try our J’adore frames for the same look.

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Here’s our top 5 Nerd Glasses for MEN on LOOKBOOK this week. Get inspired by these 5 fashion enthusiasts from around the world. Let them show you how stylish spectacles can spice up your look!

5 From Morocco, Hamid looks like a rock star with a cool blazer, messy hair and big geeky frames!

Style scrapbook Morning ParadeHey guys,

Hope you all had a good week-end. Let’s start the week with Andy, the amazing Fashion Stylist and Blogger behind Style Scrapbook. What do you think of her Look of the Day "ORANGE"?

Hilary Duff black wayfarer sunglassesHow much are you enjoying summer so far? Here is singer and actress Hilary Duff spending a nice sunny day out in Los Angeles. We just love her laid back look and fun accessories. Try out our own wooden version of wayfarer, the Smooth Criminal in black.  

Anne Hathawhay square retro vintage nerd eyeglassesWe’re big fans of Anne Hatthaway at BonLook. She is not afraid to use bold eyeglasses as a key part of her look. Try our Couture tortoise frames to score one of this season’s most coveted look ;)

What a fabulous opening night on the red carpet! Lady in red Rachel McAdams looks stunning posing with boyfriend and costar Michael Sheen at the Midnight In Paris premiere during the Cannes Film Festival.  We're anxious to see Woody Allen's new movie! Are you?

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Hope you enjoyed the grand opening of the Cannes Film Festival like we did! After a lot of fashion, celebrities and entertainment from the red carpet, we thought we should end the week with our top 3 looks from Lookbook. Eyewear being a key accessory, the following 3 outfits from these stylish women are the real proof that wearing glasses always add an exquisite touch to any outfit and for any occasion.

Retro glassesHey guys,

Hope you all had a good week-end. Let’s start the week by sharing this amazing look that we just discovered on Lookbook. 

Brad Pitt with square tortoise sunglasses at the 64 Cannes Film Festival 2011What a week it has been in the South of France! Brad Pitt certainly got our attention yesterday wearing 3 different pairs of fabulous shades! To get the same look, try our Urban Dandy tortoise sunglasses or the Jungle Chic with tinted lenses.

Square tortoise eyeglasses, trend 2011, BonLookEyewear finds plenty of pop this season with influences from the 1950s to the '80s. Blend in a little modern edge and chic, and you're going to like what you see.

Canadian actor Cory Monteith from Glee with retro geek eyeglassesCory Monteith looks very sharp in these retro glasses don't you think? Don't miss the Canadian actor on Glee every week! Try our very popular Harry frames in Tortoise for the same geeky look ;)

When was the last time you had your eyes checked? 1 year ago? 2 years ago? 3 years ago??? According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), you should have a complete eye exam every 2 years to make sure your vision is healthy. The National Eye Institute, part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, has declared May the Healthy Vision Month to remind people of how precious healthy vision is.

It is invisible, penetrating and pervasive. It poses considerable danger to human eyes and skin. Yet, most people are unaware of the serious vision problems that can be caused by exposure of the sun’s unseen rays. Ultraviolet (UV) exposure has risen in recent decades as the Earth’s protective ozone layer has been depleted.  The damage can occur at any age, but there’s often a cumulative punch in later years. Many people make the connection between skin cancer and sun exposure but very few people understand the potential hazard to the eye.

Brad Pitt sunglasses Cannes

After Pitt's The Tree of Life movie won the coveted Pal d'Or in Cannes, lovely couple is stepping out again this time in LA for the Premiere of Jolie's Kung Fu Panda 2 movie. It seems Brad cannot go anywhere without his tinted shades! Safe to say it should always be part of a men's wardrobe.

Robert Pattinson with vintage sunglasses on the set of Cosmopolis in TorontoWatch out Canadians! Here's your chance to get a glimpse at British actor Robert Pattinson. He has been shooting Cosmopolis in Toronto for a few weeks now. Cosmopolis is directed by David Cronenberg and features Jay Baruchel, Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Samantha Morton just to name a few...sure looks promising! Oh, and Rob, we are loving the comb over.

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Summer is here! Let’s end this beautiful week with our top 5 eyewear looks! Sorry boys, women only! We’ll cover you guys next week!

5.Juliett from Poland is looking chic and trendy with her pink shorts, a classic jacket and great accessories. We have a soft spot for the glasses which give her a stylish geeky look. Check out the Hooverville in Burgundy for a similar look.

Retro Round sunglassesHey Guys,

Hope you had a good and sunny week-end! Since summer has arrived and that we are all enjoying spending time outside (finally!), we thought we should start the week by sharing a post from Rachel-Marie l., a photographer and model from Chicago.

Bradley Cooper sunglasses French OpenWe can't get enough of man of the hour Bradley Cooper! Here he is with his signature blue tinted sunglasses enjoying a nice sunny day at the French Open.  Bradley was in France promoting his summer blockbuster movie The Hangover 2. 

Matt Damon eyeglassesCheck out Matt Damon looking all serious last night at the Freeing Voice Changing Lives Benefit Gala.  The Boston native actor must be ecstatic seeing the Bruins leading the Stanley Cups Finals...must be following the games very religiously...Try our Bebop rectangle shape frame in tortoise or in brown for the same look.

Richard Branson Rihanna F1 Montreal 2011What a week-end that was! From Richard Branson’s private party, to Rihanna’s concert and having the pleasure of seeing Bradley Cooper filming his latest movie The Words, this All Star week-end ended with an extraordinary F1 final!

Here are some pics of the week-end – Enjoy ;)

Rihanna and Richard Branson back stage at the F1 (source: