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BonLook is always looking for unique individuals to join us in our adventures! We're a lively, young and motivated team driven by our dream to bring the best of eyewear to women everywhere.

Our work environment is fun and we offer competitive salaries.

Our current openings are:

Web Developer - Montreal Canada


BonLook is a fashion e-commerce company selling prescription glasses online through its own e-commerce platform. The company has had an explosive growth since its inception 3 years ago and is looking for candidates to help grow the company further.  Based out of a centrally located visually stunning office, our team of talented professionals has built a competitive product offering.

Copywriter - Social Media Coordinator -Montreal Canada


We are looking for a Copywriter- Social Media coordinator to join our Marketing team.  You will be responsible for the creation, management and development of all social media initiatives within social space. The position involves creating and delivering engaging & successful social media campaigns, contents and superior client services.  You will also be responsible for the writing, editing and the high quality standard of English texts for all communications.

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BonLook est une jeune entreprise de commerce en ligne et de mode en plein essor qui vend des lunettes par Internet. Notre clientèle actuelle est majoritairement aux États-Unis, mais la clientèle canadienne se développe de plus en plus. Offrir un service courtois, de qualité et rapide est une priorité pour l’entreprise pour conserver sa clientèle.

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Web Developer


BonLook is a young and fast growing e-commerce business. We are currently seeking an ambitious Web Developer who is interested in joining an enthusiastic team of entrepreneurs and working with us to grow the business from the ground-up and experience the challenges of a burgeoning startup.

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