cat eye eyeglasses
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July 20th 2014

in Virginia
I love my new glasses! This was my first online glasses shopping experience and I am very pleased. The ordering process was very easy and the coupon I received was even more of a plus for me. I got the glasses really fast and I love the packaging and case I got with it. I will be a repeat customer and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I can't wait to wear my glasses everywhere.
July 19th 2014

in Georgia
Ridiculously large, almost cartoonish.
July 17th 2014

in California
Super lightweight and flattering!
July 16th 2014

in California
I was a little worried about ordering my first pair of glasses online, but I couldn't be happier! The colors are gorgeous, exactly what you see online and I'm pleasantly surprised that the fit is actually great.
July 16th 2014

in New York
Super cute! A little larger than expected, but that's OK! Husband really likes!
July 16th 2014

in Michigan
I love these frames :) Very excited that the black frames are back in stock.
July 15th 2014

in Oregon
I am obsessed with these frames!! They are so cute and fit me perfectly! There does seem to be a bit more glare on the lenses than my old (non-Bonlook) glasses, but it could be because the lenses are larger in this style so it's more noticeable. And I mean the glare when looking at me, there is no glare looking out of the lenses. I am so pleased with the design and fit though! I will definitely shop at Bonlook for any future glasses!
July 14th 2014

in Oklahoma
These glasses are gorgeous and fit perfectly. Highly recommend.
July 13th 2014

in Wisconsin
Super cute frames! I have a strong prescription and they were able to make my glasses perfect and I got them within a week! Thats quicker than some local opticals! They look great and i'm very happy with them. I will definitely purchase another pair in the near future!!!!
July 11th 2014

in Colorado
I was way too big for my face, but the frame looks like good quality
July 11th 2014

in Illinois
I absolutely adore my new glasses. They are a beautiful color and shape. The only problem I had was with customer service. I found them to be slow and inefficient with the whole process. There were problems with getting my prescription from my eye doctor, yet I didn't find that out until I reached out to them after several days from placing my order. In the ensuing days of trying to get my prescription to you, it took forever to hear back from customer service representatives. It took two weeks when all was said and done to receive my glasses. I want a well made product, I just wish there had been better communication. It may be nitpicky, but it seemed to be an astronomically slow process compared to other companies. I was going to purchase another pair, but after seeing what a hassle it became, I'm hesitant to do so. My suggestion for the future is to request the doctor information during the checkout process, rather than doing it through an email. Maybe it will cut down the wait time?
July 10th 2014

in Connecticut
In love the second I opened the box..right down to the adorable case they come in! Well made with sturdy material, great fit, and the style is so cute..just retro enough..an everyday accessory I can't wait to wear!
July 10th 2014

in Louisiana
I love the style, color & width of these glasses! My face is a little on the round side & these fit it perfectly!
July 10th 2014

in Florida
I love my new glasses. Everyday I wear them, I receive compliments. The color is great, and the fit is incredibly comfortable. and for the price you pay, it is incredible steal.
July 9th 2014

in Virginia
Love love love these glasses! I already thought I was getting a good deal with frames and lenses under $100, but then a little after I had started eyeing these frames they go on sale! I just received them yesterday and I love them. They fit well, and look so classy and retro and adorable. So glad I made the purchase. I could say I won't need to buy another pair of glasses anytime soon, but I might have to get another Bonlook pair :)
July 9th 2014

in Connecticut
Great size, loved the small amount of glitter!
July 2nd 2014

in Arizona
5 stars for these beauties! They are so cute, good shape, big but not too big, pretty color, all around wonderful. I actually bought this frame a year ago and recently scratched a lens, I was able to order the same pair again (because they are just so good) and experienced wonderful customer service. I recommend Bonlook to everyone!
July 1st 2014

in Utah
love the glasses. Such a classy old school look. Glasses are a nice and light fit. Love the color also!
June 30th 2014

in New Jersey
These frames are fantastic! I love the way they make me look. They are sassy and sexy and the style is so unique! I've been waiting to get my hands on these and so glad I was able to purchase them. Thank you!!
June 27th 2014

in California
Exactly what I was looking for! They make a no makeup, hair in pony tail, errand running in sweats kind of day, look stylish and cute!