Rectangle Eyeglasses
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April 12th 2014

in California
Love these frames! I was nervous about ordering glasses online, but this was a great experience.
April 9th 2014

in New York
loved them!
April 6th 2014

in North Carolina
Love these glasses! They go with everything I wear. And even though I have high cheekbones, the glasses don't sit on them and make marks on my face. They are just wonderful!
April 4th 2014

in Colorado
I love these frames. I feel so sophisticated. Thank you Bonlook. I will definitely buy from you again!
April 1st 2014

in Ohio
Love the frames, though the photo is a little misleading--they look more pastel and purple-y in person vs. brown and clear like the photo. However the main reason for the low score is that I received the WRONG glasses TWICE before receiving the correct pair. Very frustrating, despite the "easy exchange policy."
April 1st 2014

in Michigan
Love these glasses! They are light, comfortable, and look awesome!
March 31st 2014

in New York
Perfect angles to be original without being overwhelming for my face. I have these in Tortoise and Coco, great quality, and Bonlook has been great with service.
March 27th 2014

in New York
Love my new eyeglasses from Bonlook! The fashionably late dressy tortoise is the best frame I have tried on for my narrow, oval face...quality is really good and they have spring hinges which is a plus. The only thing that bothers me is that they sit a bit low on me face. Hoping I can get this adjusted...I am still wearing them anyway! ;)
March 27th 2014

in Tennessee
I love these glasses and I'm very thankful for the help that was given by customer service to make sure they were right. I'm very impressed with Bonlook!
March 20th 2014

in Missouri
Super adorable, great fit with hardly any slipping, and such fast shipping! I love the fact that they're so unique, I've never seen anyone wearing anything like them so I feel all special lol. Love the price also!
March 19th 2014

in Idaho
These glasses are great! They came out exactly like the virtual try-on looked and they look so chic. I'm very satisfied with the glasses and the speed of delivery.
March 19th 2014

in Massachusetts
This is my second time getting these frames since the first pair I got broke at the nose pad hinge. First off, there is a noticeable quality difference from the new frames to the old one I got a year ago (Jan 2013). The frame seem sturdier and solid whereas the older pair had more flex and overall seemed less dense. The biggest difference I noticed was the change in nose pads. Thank goodness you put different ones on from last year! Last year's pair had the worst nose pads and I could not believe that you skimped out on them before (considering I can get a good pair online for about $1). The old ones were very weak and swiveled at the screws and barely lasted a week because of how poorly made it was. I'm glad you switched them to a sturdier pair. Don't skimp out on nose pads again please! :)
March 17th 2014

in Hawaii
Very happy with this pair of glasses! This is my second pair of bonlook and will be ordering again. Quick shipping as well!
March 15th 2014

in Oregon
Frames are beautiful. Compliments from the lens stores...
March 14th 2014

in New Jersey
I had a little bit of trouble adjusting my glasses to my ears/face but I love the frames! Exactly what I wanted. Philanthropy, great price, great glasses? Choosing bonlook was easy.
March 14th 2014

in California
Love these. Slightly different color than they appear online, but still good. They are so cute and hip while still being understated and not too "in your face."
March 13th 2014

in Tennessee
I love my new glasses and would give 5 stars if they weren't a bit warped. They sit a bit crooked on my face.
March 10th 2014

in Maryland
The glasses were much darker than they appeared on several monitors- my personal computer, my work and my friend's. I really like the shape of the glasses but wanted the lighter color that I saw online.
March 9th 2014

in Maryland
I LOVE the frames and the color, but I feel like they're just a bit too big for my face...I'm gonna try 'em out for another week or so, but I may end up exchanging them. The service and quality at Bonlook are great, so I'm not worried about finding my perfect frames sooner or later!
March 8th 2014

in Australia
I love them. I wish there was an option to have all clear or black arms on the frames but they're the best frames I could find anywhere (including expensive optometrists) to suit my colouring and face. Thanks again for the bargain!