round eyeglasses
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November 26th 2014

in Virginia
The fit is great and the top is a little more olive colored than in the photos but I like them even better because of that!
November 25th 2014

in Florida
I was a little unsure of them when I first got them but fell in love with them shortly after! The quality of the glasses is incredible I will be getting more frames from Bonlook in the future!
November 24th 2014

in Illinois
Frames fit well, look darker (closer to black than brown tortiseshell) than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise for me. Love them!
November 20th 2014

in New York
By far my favorite of the three. It sits perfectly on my face, the style is funky but not so much that I can't wear them to work. They're not tight on my face and the lenses are SO CLEAR!
November 19th 2014

in Tennessee
These were not available got the Keiko in black instead. But will be ordering soon....
November 19th 2014

in Pennsylvania
Hi there! I really like my new glasses ( Flanagan) and just ordered another pair yesterday in prescription sunglasses. The only negative I can say is that there was a small scratch on the one lense. Not a big deal . Vicki
November 18th 2014

in Virginia
These, my friends, are glorious. I have a heart-shaped face that's a bit on the rounded side ("Cherubic!" my mother used to say), so it's hard to find frames that are flattering. These are perfect. They're sophisticated, lightweight, and the perfect balance between fun and classic. They also look great on everyone--check out the Instagram photos. Everyone looks so chic!
November 7th 2014

in Utah
Oh-so-perfect! I feel like the cutest girl on the block. Thank you thank you thank you!
November 5th 2014

in Louisiana
I got these in hip tortoise and love them.
October 31st 2014

in Alabama
These are lovely and so classic, but unfortunately far too round on my heart shaped face. Fantastic for a different person, I'm sure, with a better suited face shape.
October 31st 2014

in Alabama
I suppose there's an element of these glasses that is tacky. It's a lot of color and busy-ness. I was thinking they'd be fun to try on and very unlikely to be a good fit for me. But they're now my favorite pair, and I've had way more compliments on them than I would've thought since it's such a bold statement piece. Really makes me feel cool, fun, funky and bright. I LOVE these!
October 31st 2014

in Alabama
These were way more flattering on my face than I honestly expected, and I loved the coloring so much. Even though I have an olive complexion, and I would think this is more intended for blondes or lighter haired people, I think it is super flattering and looks really great with my coloring! It's a fun shape, too. Not round circles, but a little bit more round than square feeling. I adore them and though I've only worn them out in public once, I got a compliment!
October 29th 2014

in Oregon
Love these specks! I have a smaller heart-shaped face and these fit perfectly. Years of getting glasses through optometrists with outdated styles and overpriced rates make me love these affordable and fabulous frames even more :)
October 28th 2014

in Arkansas
October 25th 2014

in Colorado
Love my new glasses!
October 24th 2014

in California
Love the color and the two tonedness of these.
October 24th 2014

in Florida
I just can't explain how amazing these glasses are. I have been wearing glasses since I was ten years old, and to say the least, I've had quite an awful lot of pairs throughout. When I put them on, it was like enlightenment haha! I was like "WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL MY LIFE?" I'd say I've received more than 20000 compliments since putting them on AND most importantly, I feel great with them on.
October 23rd 2014

in Texas
Super cute
October 23rd 2014

in Illinois
Looks great! Had to do a few minor adjustments on the nose, but I love these!
October 18th 2014

in Michigan
Love them!