square eyeglasses
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October 14th 2014

in New York
Love it
October 13th 2014

in Indiana
Nice high quality. Just beautiful!
October 10th 2014

in Virginia
Great glasses at a great price. It was a very easy process.
October 8th 2014

in Texas
September 30th 2014

in California
Glasses were a little dirty when I opened the case for the 1st time. Kind of off-putting, but once I cleaned them I was very happy with my glasses. Fit nicely, great quality. Thank you bonlook!
September 26th 2014

in New York
My favorite pair of glasses from BonLook so far! (And I have five...!) A huge, huge fan!!!
September 14th 2014

in North Carolina
Love these glasses! They're lightweight but not flimsy and the stems have a satisfying hinge action (no idea how to explain) when you fold them. They look amazing. The bridge of my nose is wide so they do not slide down my nose as other reviews have mentioned but a more slender nose may find this to be an issue. They stay in place all day for me, no sliding. Also I feel it's worth mentioning that often with larger frames, my cheeks will push the glasses up a bit when I smile but these just stay right in place no matter how I move.
September 12th 2014

in Colorado
Love. I didn't notice when looking at the picture but there are some hints of silver glitter in these frames. Wish they came in other colors. Deep purple or maroon please. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase.
September 11th 2014

in Texas
These are amazing!!
September 10th 2014

in Arkansas
I love my new glasses! They're a little loose on me, but I managed to fix that. The shape is flattering and I love the color. I'm so glad I heard about BonLook!
September 10th 2014

in Florida
Too much glare off lense but other then that they're awesome fit
September 10th 2014

in Florida
Too much glare off lense but other then that they're awesome fit
September 9th 2014

in Missouri
Love the look of these - seem a bit darker in person, but overall very pleased!
September 7th 2014

in Ohio
These frames fit and look great! My only concern is that they're much thinner than the frames I had before and I worry that they might break easily. Otherwise, I'm very pleased with my purchase!
September 4th 2014

in Connecticut
I haven't received these yet, but can't wait to try them on!
September 3rd 2014

in Virginia
Perfect :)
August 23rd 2014

in Colorado
I love my new frames lol they are super comfy and super super cute!
August 22nd 2014

in Utah
LOVE these frames. They shipped quickly and fit perfectly. I could not be more pleased!
August 20th 2014

in Missouri
The frames look great, but one of the lenses doesn't have the anti-glare coating! I will be sending these back for a new pair.
August 19th 2014

in Pennsylvania
I love my new glasses