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November 25th 2014

in California
Love them! So me!
November 21st 2014

in Arkansas
Love it! Just Walmart I wanted!
November 13th 2014

in California
A little tight but after working them they are perfect! I love them!
November 12th 2014

in Mississippi
First pair of Rx sunglasses and I love them!
November 12th 2014

in Louisiana
I'm happy with these. They are stylish Rx sunglasses.
November 9th 2014

in Texas
Gorgeous glasses (and the packaging is adorable!) I wore them out as soon as I got them.
October 31st 2014

in Texas
They are absolutely perfect, in fit, style and looks. The best fitting pair of glasses I've ever owned, hands down the best product I have bought in a long time. I am hooked on Bonlook and will definitely buy more glasses in the near and far future. You guys are wonderful and do an exceptional job. Thanks, thanks, thanks
October 31st 2014

in New York
So cute and constructed really well, thank you! :)
October 15th 2014

in New York
This was the first time I bought a pair of prescription sunglasses, and these couldn't be more perfect. So unique and fun, fits my face perfectly. The only bad thing is that I also want a pair with regular lenses – in all the colors, actually! Best glasses ever.
October 13th 2014

in California
I love these frames, however the description calls them large. They are a little on the smaller side...too small for me.
October 4th 2014

in California
Prescription was right on. Fit was perfect. Arms were easy to move. Pretty much 'ready to wear'
October 4th 2014

in Missouri
I don't have one
September 30th 2014

in Indiana
I am obsessed with these sunglasses! They are the perfect shape and size! I feel very sassy when I wear them, and I LOVE it!!!
September 28th 2014

in Pennsylvania
These are really cute sunglasses! The lenses are a lot darker than I anticipated, and give a reddish hue to everything once you have them on. They look adorable and fun on, and I love the pearl white color.
September 26th 2014

in Colorado
These are great.
September 25th 2014

in Rhode Island
Just received my sunglasses and they are amazing. I didn't realize the tortoise would have the pop of blue inside- just the right amount of fun and still elegant and chic. I have the crystal as my everyday glasses. I'm pleased that these are sufficiently different and similarly flattering. Bring on more color options BonLook!
September 24th 2014

in Louisiana
I love how weighted they feel. I expected it to be a little cheaper/lighter feeling, but they are fantastic. I love mother of pearl and after eyeing a designer pair about 2-3 years ago I made it my mission to find something similar. And voila! Here they were in their beautiful shining glory! I do wish they had been all pearl instead of the partly metal frame, but they're still fantastic and I love them! Thanks!
September 13th 2014

in Oklahoma
Everything I could have hoped for and more!
September 12th 2014

in Michigan
Love these!! They fit perfectly, and they look awesome!
September 12th 2014

in Georgia
I love how these glasses fit, but I was disappointed by the color. The color looks more peachy (like the photographs of people wearing them) than yellow (in the glasses only pics). Wish these were more yellow, but otherwise I really like them.