cat eye sunglasses
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August 22nd 2014

in Montana
I love them so much! I'm going to wear them on my wedding day!
August 22nd 2014

in Florida
I first discovered Bonlook on Keikos Instagram and I immediately fell in love with the style. It was a tough decision but I went with the Cannes Coral Candycane and I'm so glad I did! I'm extremely happy, the quality is great and they are just how I imagined.
August 11th 2014

in New York
These are great! so cute and stylish. Perfect size and really comfortable.
August 7th 2014

in New York
I really love the fit, and the style. They make a huge difference to my face and they're really comfortable.
August 7th 2014

in Colorado
I love these! They are stylish and are also sturdy and comfortable. They look even better than online.
August 6th 2014

in California
These are good; I do not love them as much as the Dolled Up pair however! One note though - you guys did not put my name on the mailing label. Luckily, my mailroom at work figured it out but it took a good extra week for me to get them :(
August 6th 2014

in Illinois
I've never had prescription sunglasses before, and it is incredible to own a pair! My one complaint would be that these seemed a little bigger in the picture than they are in person, so it would have been nice to know that the sunglasses frames are a a little smaller than the eyeglass frames.
August 5th 2014

in California
These just scream cool. They fit a little loose on my face, but nothing that can't be fixed with a little adjustment. They are such a neat print/color and have a unique oversize shape that is flattering on most faces. I am so happy I took the risk ordering these!
August 2nd 2014

in Indiana
Really cute.
July 24th 2014

in California
Very cute! Large and bright very Cheshire Cat willy wonka like! Love them!
July 19th 2014

in Georgia
Don't love them, but they are ok for driving I suppose.
July 16th 2014

in Oregon
July 16th 2014

in Massachusetts
I like the frames, but I ordered the sunglasses, but received regular glasses with no tint. I contacted customer service but haven't heard back yet. Please advise how I can initiate an exchange. I will also need to choose a different pair of frames because the Honeybadger are too large for my face.
June 27th 2014

in California
Super cute! they fit a little loose on my face, so they slide down my nose a bit, but doesn't cause a problem when I'm laying by the pool reading!
June 10th 2014

in Michigan
These are absolutely adorable and they fit great.
June 8th 2014

in Ohio
Love them! Totally worth it!
June 8th 2014

in California
Just not my look when I out them on. The red part is much thicker than I previously thought. Sending back.
June 4th 2014

in Iowa
i love the shape and style so much! couldn't be more perfect!
May 29th 2014

in Utah
They are perfect! It is so nice to find affordable RX sunglasses!
May 23rd 2014

in Australia
It was all perfect - condition of the glasses, delivery time, everything. Thank you very much.