round sunglasses
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July 31st 2014

in Virginia
These are adorable, but the fit was off for me. The frame pinched my temples and the arms did not extend far enough to hug my ears properly. They were so ill-fitting that one of the lenses popped out when I tried to wear them out for the first time.
July 31st 2014

in Massachusetts
The frames are very pretty and stylish, but they are VERY heavy. Too heavy for me to wear so I unfortunately have to return them (though I have sensitive sinuses and am prone to headaches, so that may just be me). Also, the frame color is more red than coral--not a bad thing, just something to keep in mind when ordering.
July 29th 2014

in Florida
These frames are super cute, but not the greatest quality. They arrived bent and crooked, and seem very flimsy. Unfortunately they're going back.
July 18th 2014

in Florida
Loved the frames! No problems here- check out was easy and they arrived fast. I'm ready to wear them this weekend at the beach!
July 13th 2014

in Michigan
Super cool sunglasses, but they have serious trouble staying on. Always sliding down my nose. I'll wear them while driving...
July 10th 2014

in California
I love my new shades like crazy! They're just really loose on my head and they slide down, I have to keep pushing them back up every few steps. Is there a way to fix this without having to send them back?
June 25th 2014

in Illinois
Love everything about these sunglasses: the fit, the tint, the size, the color, and the finish. Personally I like matte finishes on eyeglass frames and would love to see frames that are similar available with clear prescription lenses. Would also like to see more color choices. One other thing that puts Bonlook above the competition are the cool promotions and discounts. At these prices, eyewear becomes affordable.
June 20th 2014

in New Hampshire
Sunglasses are great, I love them.
June 9th 2014

in Wisconsin
Great sunglasses with a classic design. The sepia style is nice so it is not too harsh against very light skin tones.
June 6th 2014

in Missouri
Frames are nice and matte (not shiny at all). Lens tint is not incredibly dark; they nicely eliminate the need for squinting without overly darkening everything.
June 5th 2014

in Texas
I wish the lenses were darker and my eyes weren't visible through them. Otherwise love the frames.
June 4th 2014

in Texas
Love the style but they a pretty big and loose on me. I often have issues with glasses being too big on me. Hopefully I can adjust them to not slide off!
June 4th 2014

in Massachusetts
Super cute!
May 30th 2014

in Michigan
So cute! Very pretty and stylish.
May 16th 2014

in Massachusetts
Great shape but a little to light weight for me.
May 15th 2014

in Wisconsin
These are super chic and fun! The color is bright and the frames are really sturdy.
May 13th 2014

in Nebraska
these are great, love them!
May 7th 2014

in New York
Perfect. The matte tortoise is so rad. Bonlook is the best - amazing customer service that got these glasses to me before I left for vacation.
May 7th 2014

in North Carolina
Love these sunnies! The blue is such a pretty color in the sunlight. They are great quality frames and the lenses are very well made. I have a very strong prescription and two pupillary distances and the lenses were perfect! If you're worried about the quality of the frames/lenses or the accuracy of your lenses, then don't. Place the order!
May 6th 2014

in Washington
Interesting frame without being too extreme. Classic but daring!