square sunglasses
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February 5th 2015

in California
January 28th 2015

in California
Love the shape, but smaller than I thought. I would consider them to be medium size, not large.
January 20th 2015

in California
they're a little tight on my head, but I can get that adjusted. Every experience I've had with Bonlook has been amazing. Thank you for your kind customer service team. you are all the spawn of unicorn prince and princesses.
January 13th 2015

in Florida
I love my new sunglasses! It was sunny here in Florida today, and they were great. They are really dark, which is what I want, and the frames are comfortable, and a great color. I will be ordering more from you for sure.
January 3rd 2015

in Maryland
They are great! Not too big, which I was afraid of.
December 11th 2014

in California
Perfect size with a fine high gloss finish.
December 11th 2014

in Pennsylvania
They are ok
December 3rd 2014

in New York
These are awesome! I love the metal sides in contrast to the plastic frames. Super awesome I love it.
November 21st 2014

in Arkansas
Love it! Just Walmart I wanted!
September 26th 2014

in Colorado
These are great.
September 12th 2014

in Michigan
Love these!! They fit perfectly, and they look awesome!
September 10th 2014

in Pennsylvania
LOVE them!
September 9th 2014

in Missouri
Great shape - excellent dark tint. Love it!
August 29th 2014

in Colorado
Perfect black retro style!! So glad I got these
August 28th 2014

in Ohio
By far the coolest sunglasses I have.
August 28th 2014

in Pennsylvania
Love Love my new sunglasses and they arrived so quickly! Can't wait to wear them this Labor Day weekend!
August 22nd 2014

in New York
Been wearing glasses since I was 12 and finally got a pair of RX sunnies! Love the size of these and they are pretty sturdy!
August 1st 2014

in Washington
love this one! classic!
July 29th 2014

in Colorado
These glasses are so cute and excellent quality. And the packaging is to die for...pink case and all! Love!
July 28th 2014

in California
Absolutely love these! Have gotten so many compliments already. Debating on whether I "need" them in sepia also