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Eyewear trends for the summer of home
How to stay looking fresh from a two-metre distance

There’s one important thing we’re still allowed to do, and that’s expressing ourselves through style. We bet that more than a few of us have not only been rearranging the furniture but also experimenting with looks during these long weeks of lockdown. Once the novelty of a day-long pajama revelry has passed, what could be more fun than inventing new outfits within the carefree safety of our homes?

In the spirit of trying new things, here are some summery style recommendations from the BonLook team.

The hexagonal frame

There’s no way around it, this is a bold one. All angles and so stylish, this trend is at once playful and mysterious (they’ll all wonder: who’s behind the oversized shades?). Wear them over your mask, and going to the grocery store will feel like being in a spy flick – or anyway, you’ll look great.
Get the look: the Zsa Zsa

The round frame

We’re talking minimalistic shape that allows bold colours and adjustments to roam free without veering into extravagance. What else are we expected to wear on those long walks around the neighbourhood, peering into backyards and living rooms for home decor inspo?
Get the look: the Stardom

The angular aviator

Finally, a reboot you can count on. This futuristic look stems from an early 20th-century design and the result is a blend of casualness and sophistication – which is exactly what is called for when sipping a cold beverage, sitting several feet away from a friend.
Get the look: the Venice

Whether you’re planning on adopting a whole new aesthetic, or just looking to upgrade your tried and true personal style, make sure you have lots of fun doing it (and whatever you’re doing, don’t forget to wash your hands).

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