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Five eyewear trends for the nascent year
We snuck a peek into the future, and 2020’s looking great

Every year brings its share of unpredictability. What popular culture moment, what news event will spawn new and unexpected trends? Unless you’re some sort of time traveller, there’s no way to tell. In the meantime, the fashion powers that be shook their crystal balls (that’s how you use those, right?) and saw right into our future wardrobes – or wherever you keep your glasses. The 2020 trends they’ve prophesied are the following:

1. Oversized, retro square frames (Think disco era)

In the early 70s, Vogue declared that “there are no rules in the fashion game now” (or at least, that’s what it says on Wikipedia). And we believe that’s how it should be. An elegant staple of 70s style, designers are updating it with youthful wire structures and gradient lenses.
Go bold with Fab.

2. Butterfly frames (Think Elton John at the Golden Globes)

Overly ornate, statement-making frames in thick acetate will be turning heads this year, but their more quiet, wire-outlined counterparts are also staking a claim on the advancing fashion landscape. Whether you’re going for a literal or figurative interpretation of the butterfly shape, this trend lets you fly in the face of convention with style.
Slip on our Scene.

3. Cat-eye frames (A furever favourite)

There are so many wild trends out there this year, like luxury visor frames or detachable eyewear chains that are predicted to be a mainstay on the festival circuit (remember when those were for elderly librarians?!), but there’s nothing wrong with a classic. The cat-eye has been around since the 1930s, and its many iterations have always remained crowd-pleasers.
Bewitch with Gossamer.

4. Aviator with top-bar (Because Brie Larsen as Captain Marvel)

The aviator is the style that keeps on giving. It’s always a safe bet, yet it’s a pretty bold look. They’ve been worn by every cool person on earth and adapted to every passing trend. This year, indulge in a dashing look that says – well, whatever confident people say. The top-bar look can be found on polished metallic designs and on more playful, thick acetate frames.
Get ready for take-off with Drift.

5. The Bejewelled – a story of unapologetic glamour

Jewellerification knows no boundaries and we must admit that we’re not immune to its charms. It can manifest itself as over-the-top adornment but also appear in the form of a delicate twinkle, if applied sparingly. What we’re saying is, flicker or blaze, you get to choose your shine.
Sparkle with Keiko.

Trend forecasts aside, we know you all will be bringing your own personal flair to your 2020 fashion story. In that department, we think we could be of assistance… Allow us to recommend subscribing to our newsletter to get the latest on our upcoming collections!

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