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Team Reading – Things we’ve read and loved
In which we humbly provide reading recommendations, one department at a time

Summer reads from our marketing team

This year, the summer holidays are all about staying home and catching up with our readings – and honestly, we’re not mad about it. So, without further ado:

Aria, by Nazanine Hozar

“I heard about this book through Indigo’s Best Books of 2019 list. It tells the story of a young orphan growing up in Tehran in the years leading up to the Iranian revolution. I’m not quite through reading it, so I don’t know how it ends yet (!), but it follows the endearing main character of Aria throughout her life, focusing on themes of family, education, suffering, and love.”
- Recommended by Isabelle, web and media coordinator

Shuni, by Naomi Fontaine

“I got this book as a birthday gift after having seen and loved Kuessipan, the film adaptation based on a novel by the same author. Shuni is a letter from the author, who is a member of the Innu nation, to a white childhood friend who is planning on settling in Fontaine’s native Uashat with the purpose of helping the community. The letter is a moving and compelling collection of memories, anecdotes, and fragments of history.”
- Recommended by Andréanne, public relations coordinator

Filles, by Marie Darsigny

“I bought this book at Montréal’s Salon du livre after chatting with the editor (and the author!), who assured me that it was a gem – and it truly was! The best $10 I ever spent (except maybe for poutine, once). I devoured it in one day and saw myself in a lot of the poems. It’s funny, moving, and on point in its depiction of our times. In short, it’s authentic and it really spoke to me.”
- Recommended by Émilie, marketing and retail manager

Tout comme les tortues, by Marie-Christine Chartier

“I found this book by chance while browsing at the bookstore, and the title caught my attention right away. I didn’t even take the time to read the back cover before taking it home. I finished it in one afternoon and I was shaken – I had gone through a whole range of emotions. At the time, I was experiencing something similar to what the main character faces in the book, and it felt good to connect with a story in that way. P.S. I also loved L'allégorie des truites arc-en-ciel, written by the same author.”
- Recommended by Maude, marketing coordinator

The Waves, by Virginia Woolf

“I could just as easily have recommended Woolf’s Orlando: A Biography, which is a favourite of mine, but The Waves, with its littoral motif, felt like the ideal candidate for a list of summer readings. The novel follows six friends from childhood to adulthood and explores their relationships with themselves and one another in early 20th century England. Most of the characters are supposed to have been inspired by people in Virginia Woolf’s life – so one could argue that this is a form of very highbrow gossip.”
- Recommended by Edith, copywriter

Now, what’s left to do but to grab a blanket and head to the park with a pile of books?

*Something caught your eye? The shades shown in the picture above are the Stardom on the left, and the Action on the right.

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