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Insider Info On Andréanne Marquis X BonLook
Andréanne Marquis, the founder of the clothing company Womance, discusses what inspired her to co-design a pair of glasses alongside BonLook.
How would you describe your personal style? What are some of your favourite fashion and style trends?
To be honest, even though I work in the fashion industry, I don’t think I have a particular style. It’s a bit like Womance, my company. I’m the one in charge of the purchasing so I buy whatever I like, from chic attire to jeans, t-shirts and boho pieces. The only thing that matters to me is comfort. I want to be as comfortable as possible while feeling beautiful. This means that some days, I feel pretty in jeans and a gray cami and other days, it’s a dress and high heels that make me feel as good.
How would you describe your collaboration with BonLook?
Possibly the most beautiful and inspiring collaboration. I don’t work with brands very often because it is imperative for me to devote all of my time and effort to each collaboration. BonLook is a Quebec company founded by a woman. Women are still largely absent from the retail business. It’s a male environment. I can only feel honoured and inspired to have been given the opportunity to partner with a woman who’s not afraid to move forward, a woman who stays ahead of the game in an industry where competition is fierce.
Was it important for you to name your frame Womance?
I was told I can do whatever I want and name the glasses however I want, as long as they represent who I am. Originally, I wanted to name them after members of my family because without them, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. And who I am is the very definition of Womance. A rigorous woman full of ambition. A woman who does everything possible to feel accomplished in all aspects of her life. Womance was therefore the perfect name for this style of glasses. I named the colours after the three men who keep me vibrant and committed every day of my life: “Jules”, “Matte” and “Mayz”. Jules is my brother, a serviceman who’s a great source of inspiration for me, just like my boyfriend Matt. Their dedication for their respective job, their accomplishments and the way they always see the good side of every situation is just fascinating. And Mayson, my godchild, is my brother’s son. With just one look, this little human reminds me that everything’s gonna be OK.
Tell us about your future projects. What’s coming up?
Oh gosh! I will pour all my energy into Womance, as I always do. More Womance, further developments and greater expansion!

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