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Meet our creative director, Tania
Our Creative Director, Tania Fugulin shares her 5-year journey at BonLook in this candid interview. Joining at the early stages, Tania has been part of the exponential growth of the brand. Meet the person who built and continues to elevate our company’s image.
Tania, you’ve been at BonLook for five years now! What made you decide to join the company at such an early stage?
Having the opportunity to change an industry that was way overdue for changes was a great challenge for me. Meeting Sophie, the owner of BonLook was very inspiring as I felt we understood each other and that she trusted me right away. Also, my experience in advertising agencies working mainly with clients from the beauty industry combined with my love for fashion and my addiction to online shopping :) made me think I was the perfect candidate for the job!
What was your most memorable experience since you’ve been with the company?
So many memories! Having great challenges and celebrating so many successful projects… But if I had to pick one, it would be the first year I was at BonLook when we won the grand prize at the Boomerang contest and a second prize as well. To be honest, it was totally unexpected. I had just left the advertising industry and yet the whole industry was there to see me making my way into something very promising.
What has been some of the biggest creative changes and challenges in the past five years?
Well, first I have to say that I did not study product design. It was the most challenging thing for me, but also the most rewarding because designing glasses is what the whole company is about. People either love it or they don’t. But luckily for me they mostly love it! I try to make glasses the way I would want them to look like and the way people want to have them look like on themselves. I listen to my friends’ and customers’ comments and try to make the best product. I realized that I have to trust myself, do my absolute best and take some chances. Having fun doing it is very important to me.
Did you expect BonLook to grow at such a fast pace?
No, I did not expect that at all. It’s a wonderful time to be involved in the company. I feel like if I blink I will miss out on something. And that works well for me because I don’t like to be bored.
Where do you see yourself in another five years?
I don’t know and to be honest, I don’t want to know (laugh). As long I learn something new every year and try to improve my skills, I will be quite happy about it. One thing is for sure: I want to keep working on product design as I feel it is highly rewarding.
How would you describe BonLook’s overall aesthetic?
Current, modern, trendy, a bit edgy but always accessible.
What is your process for creating a new collection?
Researching new styles in the industry, looking at upcoming trends, picking a theme and then working around it. Also listening to customers’ comments to make sure we offer the best product.
When designing a frame, what are the first things that you take into consideration?
Is it a good shape, will people love it? Will the colour be flattering on them? Then we evaluate if it has its own space within the whole assortment we offer.
If you could design any kind of frame, what would it look like?
I love aviator styles, they are my all-time favourites. Right now, I am into acetate aviators. My favourite era for inspiration is the ’70s. Also, embellishment is a big trend in eyewear right now, adding pearls, metal details. Lots of colours are also in the forecast as well as more angular frames.
Where would you like to see BonLook’s artistic direction within the next five years?
There is no way to predict the trends in five years from now, but I want it to be on point, current, with a bit of an edge.
Do you have any style icons?
Yes, so many! For a young woman it’s Giorgia Tordini, always on trend, a nice mix of chic and sophistication. For an older woman it’s Linda Rodin, how can she be so trendy? And from a very young age, my grandmother’s sister: Rita. She was living in a small town and was wearing the edgiest clothing and accessories she would purchase from Holt Renfrew (600 km away from her house). She was looking fabulous and didn’t care about other people’s judgment. She was travelling a lot and was mixing ethnic pieces into it. She was very avant-garde to me and owned her personal style.

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