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Moods aplenty – trust your feelings (and our advice)
Eyewear recommendations to suit every mood

Feeling ambitious

Aim for the Poise. Perfect for climbing the corporate ladder – or more realistically, for checking off a few items on your to-do list – this cat-eye design won’t let you down. Lightweight so as to not get in the way of anything you set your mind to, and sophisticated for that extra boost of confidence that’ll have everyone take heed. Go get ‘em.

Need an alternate? Scope out the Social.

Feeling studious

Consider the Gent. Functional and versatile is all you need to comfortably get to work on that huge and scarily expensive textbook. It also works just fine for reading the new comic book you ordered while stuck at home. As far as we’re concerned, anything can be categorized as study material.

If you’re calling in a substitute, think of the Finesse.

Feeling casual

Let the Luna tag along. If you’re the carefree type (even if just once in a while), you’ll love the Luna’s no-fuss vibe. Oversized and laidback, it’s a timeless design meant to follow along seamlessly through all your activities – or lack thereof, no worries.

Not quite it? It’s no big deal, here’s the Louise.

Feeling glam

Don the Sunset. These shades are sure to get you praise. Get them in Peach, Onyx or Tortoise, it doesn’t matter, because either way you’ll look legendary. They’re so chic you’ll be tempted to wear them with opera gloves – but no matter what you wear them with, you’ll be the belle of the ball.

For more opulence, admire the Elite.

Feeling extroverted

Show off the Palm. Party at the beach? You’re there. Virtual happy hour? It’s all the same, you bring cheer everywhere you go (at least when you’re in the mood for it). The Palm is bold, playful, and we have a sneaking suspicion it actually summons the sun – kind of like that smile of yours.

The more the merrier: catch sight of the Hollywood.

Let that multifaceted personality shine! Go on, get moody.

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