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BonLook is launching its first tv campaign!
A little bit about our first foray into the world of television

In the wake of our 35 stores’ temporary closure last March, we have been asking ourselves how to let people know that our services, which have been deemed essential, were still available online. We also wanted to find a way to reach as many of our customers as possible to inform them that our stores will be ready to welcome employees and customers in a safe environment as soon as it will be permissible to do so. With these purposes in mind, we have decided to take the plunge and launch our very first tv campaign.

Broadcast as of June 1 on all major francophone networks, this campaign will serve as the first test before a potential release outside of the province of Québec.

You might not know this, but BonLook started out as an online business, and we are currently boasting the most high-performance e-commerce platform in Canada’s optical industry. Whether you are looking to buy directly online or wish to make a preselection using our virtual try-on tool, our convivial website allows you to shop for stylish frames at affordable prices in a truly simple manner.

In these odd times, we are finding our lifestyles drastically changed. While we continue to favour in-store consultations with our stylists and opticians, the extended temporary closure of some of our stores and increased sanitary measures upon reopening prevents us from proceeding entirely in our usual way. But no matter the circumstances, we believe that everyone deserves simple and safe access to eyewear.

The concept and the shoot

In collaboration with Montreal’s Rethink agency, we decided on two short messages, each featuring a familiar quarantine scene with a unique touch. It was important for us to show an understanding of our employees’, customers’, and target market’s current reality.

To that end, we staged two situations: a home workout session, and a person navigating scattered toys on a living room floor. The short scenes are meant to demonstrate how quickly an accident can happen and to remind that BonLook is always there to help – in-store or via our state-of-the-art website. Because it’s no secret that after ten weeks of social distancing, there has been no shortage of occasions to suddenly find ourselves needing new glasses!

A tv campaign adapted to reality during COVID-19

Producing an advertisement campaign presented a major challenge given the measures put in place at our Montreal office in St-Henri to ensure the production team’s safety. From disinfection practices to social distancing, we made sure to apply all required guidelines. Just to give you an idea, the usual 25-person production team had to be reduced to a team of five in order to apply social distancing! Thankfully, we were able to keep up with the shoot via Zoom, which facilitated real-time approval for the scenes.

We hope this campaign will make you smile!


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