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Custom Lenses
HD Custom®

What are Custom lenses?

BonLook now offers Custom Progressive lenses, personalized for your exact progressive lens prescription. This technology uses an advanced and innovative calculation method to determine the actual positioning of and natural movements of your eye. The finished lens offers something unique on the market, a lens that is catered to your exact prescription and provides better vision in every area of the lens.

Who should wear these lenses?

BonLook Custom Progressive lenses will most benefit people who already wear progressives but have a difficult time adapting to the different visual zones.

Special features of the Custom Progressive® lenses offered at BonLook

This progressive lens offers you an improved vision in all the different zones. One added benefit of these lenses is that they are designed to eliminate oblique aberrations entirely. An oblique aberration describes the blurriness along the periphery of the lenses that can be uncomfortable to the glasses-wearer. But our Custom Progressive lens technology compensates this effect, giving the glasses-wearer the best visual quality from the centre of the lens to the edges. The individual wearing these glasses will experience better vision, especially better peripheral vision

Available treatments and indexes


  • Scratch-resistant included in the base price
  • Anti-glare included in the base price
  • High-Index (+ additional costs)
  • 1.74 Very High-Index (+ additional costs)
  • Blue light lenses (with exceptions)
  • Polarized
  • Transitions (with exceptions)

More details on our treatments


  • CR-39 included in the base price
  • 1.67 High-Index (+ additional costs)

More details on our indexes

How to get Custom Lenses?


In Canada, Custom lenses are available in our stores only.


Base price $525 CAD
Polycarbonate $585 CAD
Ultra mince Alpha (1,67) $585 CAD
Ultra mince Gamma (1,74) $725 CAD

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