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Single Vision Lenses

What are Single Vision lenses?

Single Vision lenses have the same prescription throughout their entire surface. They can correct both distance and near vision.

Who should wear these lenses?

People who don't have presbyopia and don’t have a value indicated in the ADD field of their prescription or people who wish to treat each of their visual needs (near or distance vision) separately with different glasses.

Available treatments and indexes


  • Scratch-resistant included in the base price
  • Anti-glare included in the base price
  • Regular UV400 solar tint (+ additional costs)
  • Photochromic (+ additional costs)
  • Polarized (+ additional costs)

More details on our treatments


  • CR-39 included in the base price
  • 1.67 High-Index (+ additional costs)
  • 1.74 Very High-Index (+ additional costs)

More details on our indexes

How to get Single Vision Lenses?


Online and in-store.


Base price $149 CAD

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