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What are Transitions® lenses?

Transitions lenses (also called photochromic lenses) are light intelligent lenses that remain clear inside or at night-time and darken when activated by UV rays outside to protect our eyes from blue-violet light and glare. Transitions lenses are available in a range of colours or a mirror-like effect, depending on your needs or what sort of style you’re looking for.

Who should be wearing Transitions lenses?

These lenses are intended for people who want to protect their eyesight on a daily basis, crave convenience by wearing worry-free lenses, and who can wear a range of different frames. If you’re someone who is sensitive to light and cares about your eye health, then Transitions are right for you. These lenses offer you the choices to find a product that is adapted to your needs in terms of your eye health but are also stylish as they come in a range of different colours to help you express your personal style.

Special features of the Transitions lenses available at BonLook

Transitions lenses technology is the result of testing in over 200 different real-life conditions, involving changes in climate, light angles, UV moderation, and other types of measurements. Each of these factors contributes towards the responsiveness of the Transitions lenses, and ultimately results in an innovative lens that is reactive even on overcast days or that darken in sunnier weather. When it comes to wearing this new, improved technology, most people say they are satisfied with the look and feel. They also benefit from wearing lenses that block out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays all while providing a superior indoor performance too. These have the added benefit of protecting your eyes from harmful blue light, which reduces glare and eye fatigue on the whole.

Available treatments and indexes


  • Scratch-resistant and anti-glare included in the base price
  • 100% UV protection and harmful blue light protectant

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  • Single vision or progressive lenses available for Transitions style colours:
    • - CR-39
    • - Very thin 1.67 Alpha lenses (+ additional costs)
  • Single vision or progressive lenses available for Transitions style mirrors:
    • - Poly
  • Single vision or progressive lenses for regular Transitions range available in grey and brown:
    • - CR-39
    • - Very thin 1.67 Alpha lenses (+ additional costs)
    • - Ultra thin 1.67 Gamma lenses (+ additional costs)

More details on our indexes

How to get Transitions lenses


Transitions lenses can be purchased in-store in Canada.


Transitions traditional lenses: starting at $249
Transitions styles colors: starting at $349
Transitions styles mirrors: starting at $399

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