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Lens Treatments

Treatments are applied on the surface of the lenses in order to improve the comfort and the quality of your vision. We offer a wide range of treatments to customize your lenses to your individual needs.


Included with all our corrective lenses

The scratch-resistant treatment improves scratch and friction resistance. It protects your lenses from minor micro-scratches caused by normal use of your glasses. The scratch-resistant treatment will extend the life of your lenses.


Included with all our corrective lenses

The anti-glare treatment is a very fine coating applied to the lens to eliminate reflections at the front and at the back of the lens. It makes your lenses virtually invisible. Your lenses will be more comfortable when reading or using the computer, and your vision will be improved when driving at night.

Tinted lenses

Enjoy the sun without damaging your eyes. Our high quality sunglass lenses provide optimum protection for your eyes with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Available for prescription (single vision or progressive) and non-prescription sunglasses

Online and in stores.


The polarized treatment is applied to solar lenses to improve the comfort and increase the visual protection.

The light diffused by the sun is propagated in all directions. When the light hits a flat and reflecting surface such as water, snow or sand, it causes unpleasant glare.

The polarized filter blocks bothersome rays and lets through only the ones that carry useful light. The filter acts as a barrier that prevents the reflected ray from getting inside the eye, for an optimum perception and increased comfort.

Available for prescription (single vision or progressive) and non-prescription sunglasses

Surcharge of CAD$100 added to the $149 for non-prescription sunglasses or to the $179 for basic sunglasses prescription (single vision) or to the $405 for basic sunglasses prescription (progressive).

Online and in stores.


With the photochromic treatment, your lenses progressively darken or lighten upon spontaneous change of light intensity. The lenses are clear indoors and at night.

The photochromic treatment offers:

  • Practicality: only one pair for indoors and outdoors
  • Comfort: reduces visual strain and glare from the sun
  • 100% UV protection

This treatment is strongly recommended for photosensitive people as it offers maximum protection against UV rays.

Note that photochromic lenses do not darken in the car. They darken when exposed to UV rays, but your car’s windshield blocks those rays.

Photochromic lenses are offered in our stores and online upon request, please contact our customer service at, they will be able to determine the best option to accommodate your needs.

Blue Light Protection

As the widespread use of smart phones & tablets increases, you are increasingly exposed to blue light (especially if you’re addicted to your cell phone as much as we are). In fact, our everyday devices emit strong blue light which scatters easily, reducing contrast and causing eye fatigue. Several ongoing research and specialists believe that this type of light would disturb sleep and be responsible for degenerative eye diseases, caused by the premature aging of retinal cells. Thus, since we care about your beautiful eyes, we just launched our BonLook Blue Light Protection Lenses to reflect the harmful blue light away from your eyes!

Available for prescription (single vision) and non-prescription eyeglasses.

Surcharge of CAD $75 added to the base price of eyeglasses.

Online and in stores.


Do your eyes feel tired or do you suffer from headaches in late afternoon when you’ve been working at a near distance all day (i.e. computer and reading)? If so, anti-fatigue lenses might be the solution for you! The purpose of these tailor-made lenses is to relieve your eyes’ accommodation muscles by providing a small addition at the bottom of the lens. The lens is divided into two main vision areas: the upper section of the lens is where your distance prescription is, and the lower section includes a small addition of +0.60 dioptre. Besides relieving visual fatigue thanks to the small addition, these lenses also protect your eyes from blue light for maximum visual comfort.

Only with a prescription from an optometrist.

Available in our stores, by appointment with an optician.

Surcharge of CA $226 added to the base price of eyeglasses.

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