Premium Eyewear

From our vision to yours: Premium eyewear

We value excellence in every area of operation. Our focus is on designing, collection after collection, exceptional products that stand out with their signature looks and colors while still being wearable.

Our Designs

From European fashion capitals Paris and Milan to bustling New York, we travel far and wide each season, noting the latest fashion trends along the way. Next, we combine these exterior influences with our own aesthetic concepts and represent them visually. The collection’s theme and spirit emerges from these inspirational, cohesive shapes and colors.

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BonLook is a glamorous and playful brand that gives so many people the opportunity to express their unique self!

Made in Brooklyn - Anti-glare & Scratch resistant

The Lenses

The lenses are customized to your prescription by a certified optician at a top U.S. lab in Brooklyn, N.Y. All our lenses are from the French company Essilor, which is the worldwide leader in high-end optical lenses. Finally, our eyewear is treated with anti-glare and scratch-resistant coatings to optimize longevity.

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Our Frames

Patiently looking through hundreds of swatches, we personally choose the colors and prints of each collection. The quality acetate is carefully cut by hand, heated, and bent to each design’s specifications. The frames are gently tumbled in barrels of cedar and bamboo, resulting in a sleek, polished finish. Finally, they are fitted with customized stainless steel hinges for the smoothest movement.

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Our attention to detail while designing new frames as well as our unparalleled level of service is what sets BonLook apart.