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Anti-Fatigue Lenses

What are Anti-Fatigue lenses?

Anti-fatigue lenses support the eye’s accommodation effort, especially when switching from one screen to another or for adjusting to smaller and pixelated characters displayed by screens.
To do so, these lenses have two vision zones: distance vision in the upper part of the lens and an addition of +0.60 diopter in the lower part.
They also benefit from a technology that filters the blue light in order to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of the blue-violet light emitted by screens.

Who should wear these lenses?

People who need a good distance vision and wish to relax their accommodation muscles when using their near vision.
Ultra-connected wearers who use different digital devices at the same time.

IMPORTANT: Your optometrist must request Anti-Fatigue lenses on your prescription (otherwise we will not be authorized to offer you this type of lenses).

Special features of these lenses offered at BonLook

Benefits of anti-fatigue lenses

They reduce visual fatigue even during prolonged use of a smartphone.
They improve the readability of small characters, reduce glare and improve contrasts (more vivid colours during the day and sharper vision at night).
They minimize reflections and help prevent premature aging of the eyes caused by the harmful blue-violet light.
They protect the eyes and therefore minimize the risks of damages caused by the exposure to screens.

Available treatments and indexes


  • Scratch-resistant included in the base price
  • Anti-glare included in the base price

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  • CR-39 included in the base price
  • 1.67 High-Index (+ additional costs)

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How to get Anti-Fatigue Lenses?


These lenses are available on our USA website and in our stores in Canada only.
Book an appointment with one of our opticians.


Base price $299 USD

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