Making an impact

Corporate social responsibility

The world is growing and so are we. Some ways we’re pledging to do better is through sustainable and social initiatives. Actions like collecting donations for nonprofits like Familijeunes and planting trees in low-income neighbourhoods with Soverdi are just some ways we’re pushing for change.

Beyond using biodegradable acetate, BonLook is actively
implementing more environmental efforts on a company-wide scale. Recently, we performed a waste audit to gain a better understanding of where our waste is from. Since then, we’ve taken many crucial steps towards ensuring less materials wind up in landfills. Choosing recyclable materials wherever possible and ensuring our purchasing team opts for eco-friendlier choices are some of the ways in which we’re encouraging more conscious behaviours. 10% of our store deliveries are currently made by electric vehicle, which amounts to 5% of our total orders, and 100% of damaged frames are sent to a TerraCycle recycling facility.

We are all too aware that maintaining the status quo and doing business as we used to isn’t working anymore. While our solutions are not yet perfect, we are continually striving to improve and wish to do so in complete transparency and to avoid making any misleading greenwashing claims. Change is essential, and we want to do our part to produce the most sustainable styles available, now and in the future.

Every year, members of the BonLook team participate in the Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec, an initiative that combines cycling, Parkinson awareness and fund raising. A three-in-one we can definitely get behind. Each participant can choose a challenge that suits their level, and every year thousands of dollars are raised to put towards a great cause. We’re proud to follow our employees progress every time!