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Prices that make sense

By controlling all steps of the manufacturing process, from designing our frames in our Montreal offices to selling the glasses ourselves, we cut out the middlemen are able to offer quality prescription glasses at unbeatable prices.

All prices are in US dollars.

See prices in Canadian dollars

Prescription glasses

Frames with very thin lenses

Single Vision $99
Progressive $299

Additional Options (Amount to be added to the base price above)

Thin Lenses

See details

Very-thin (1.67) +$30
Ultra-thin (1.74)* -

Tinted Lenses

See details

Tinted lenses with prescription +$20
BonLook Blue Light Protection +$50
Polarized tinted lenses +$100
Photochromic +$100 to +$200

*Not available for US and International orders.

Non-Prescription glasses

Non-prescription lenses and frame $99
Non-prescription tinted lenses and frame $99

Invoice example

Jessica wants to buy a new pair of prescription sunglasses. Her prescription requires the Very thin 1.67 lens option. Here is the detail of what will be charged:

Frame and single vision lenses $99
Tinted lenses with prescription +$20
Very-thin (1.67) +$30
Total $149 USD

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