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Want your glasses served up with a side of something sweet? For Daydream, we created five new styles, each made to look lively and feel fresh.

Upscale styles with playful personalities, Daydream is a collection that captures the imagination. Its style are delicate and lightweight, each with a slender silhouette to give them a distinctly feminine feel. There’s a style for everybody: from square-shaped frames to a dramatic cat-eye look, we know you’ll want to make Daydream a reality—your reality.

As for the palette, these frames are full of vitamin C—though, in this case, the “c” means colour. Daydream’s palette is awash in pastels, candy-coated hues, and sugary-sweet tortoise tones. Unexpected colour-blocking splices these frames for visual interest while its temples are capped with contrasting colours. We told you these were the glasses of your dreams…