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  • What different types of lenses do you offer?

    Our prescription lenses are made by the world’s leading manufacturer of first-rate ophthalmic lenses. Lenses are fitted to your prescription by a certified optician at a top North American laboratory. We sell high-quality single vision, progressive, degressive, and anti-fatigue lenses. We also offer a wide range of treatments to customize lenses to your needs.

    Learn more about lenses and treatments here or here.

  • Do you sell bifocals, multifocals or progressive lenses?

    In Canada, we sell anti-fatigue, degressive, and progressive lenses, which are only available in-store and require an appointment with one of our opticians.

    In the United States, we only sell degressive and progressive lenses online. Anti-fatigue lenses are not available for US orders.

    Multifocal lenses are not available for international orders.

    More details here.

  • What is a pupillary distance (PD) measurement and how can I measure it?

    The pupillary distance, also called PD, is the distance between the centres of each eye. It is often not provided by your optometrist, but instead measured by the optician when you place an order for glasses. However, it should be part of your prescription details and we highly recommend that you request it when you see your eye care professional. PD is measured in millimeters and used to align the centre of the lenses with your pupils. If it is not written on your prescription, you can send us a picture via our PD measurement page.

    More details here.


  • Can I order frames without prescription lenses?

    Yes, of course! However, even if you are buying glasses just to look fabulous and do not need prescription lenses, it is still mandatory to have real lenses for health and security reasons. Our high-quality non-prescription lenses offer the same anti-reflective and scratch-resistant protections as our regular prescription lenses. No one will know the difference! When placing your order, select the 'I need non-prescription lenses for my glasses' option at checkout. If you prefer only purchasing frames and consulting your eye care professional for prescription lenses, place your order and select the 'I need non-prescription lenses for my glasses' option at checkout. Please note that if you live in Canada, our non-prescription glasses are subject to sales tax.

    More details here.

  • Will you verify my prescription?

    In Canada, the law requires that we obtain a picture of the original prescription. Our experts verify all prescriptions to ensure that they are valid and respect the province’s regulations. Customers from all other countries are not required to provide a copy or proof of their prescription. However, rest assured that your prescription will be verified by our experts before being sent out to our laboratory. Please note that each individual is responsible for seeing an optometrist, preferably every 2 years.

    More details here.

  • My prescription is very strong, can you fill it?

    We can fill a wide range of prescriptions, including those with astigmatism. However, we do have some limitations. If your prescription is outside the range that we usually carry, do not hesitate to contact our customer support department. Our agents will be able to determine whether we can fill your prescription.

    More details here.

Shipping & Returns

  • What is your return policy?

    We accept returns on products that are in perfect condition in the 30 days following receipt of your order.

    More details here.

  • Can I exchange my glasses?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer exchanges on our glasses since they are prepared specially for each customer. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please refer to our return policy to see if you qualify for a return and refund.

    More details here.

  • Can I get my glasses expedited?

    We offer expedited shipping for orders within the US (excluding Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico and Hawaii). You can select the option at checkout. Please note that we may need additional information when you place your order (PD measurement, prescription, etc.) In that case, expedited shipping will be possible only once we have received all the necessary information.

    Shipping destinations located in the Northeastern United States (ME, VT, NH, NY, MA, NJ, DE, RI, MD, DC) are automatically eligible to receive express shipping.

    Please note that there is no expedited shipping available for orders in Canada.

    More details here.


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