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How to choose the right frames based on facts and feelings
A short guide for contrasting personality types

Steps for stylish specs – for the dreamers

Not a fan of rules and guidelines? This is for you.

1. Start by trying on everything that catches your eye. This part is like brainstorming, there are no bad ideas in brainstorming.
2. Take selfies for quick comparisons – choices are overwhelming!
3. Close your eyes and ask yourself if the frames are comfortable.
4. Open your eyes and ask yourself if your reflection looks like someone you’d want to befriend. If you’ve answered yes twice, chances are you’ve found the right frames.

Steps for stylish specs – for the pragmatists

If you’re thinking to yourself “that was super vague and I still don’t know how to choose glasses that’ll suit me”, this next part is for you.

1. The upper rim should follow your brow line. This allows for the glasses to blend in harmoniously with your features.
2. Your eyes should be centred in each lens. This is useful for both aesthetic and optical reasons: it ensures optimal vision as well as a pleasant symmetry.
3. The lower rim shouldn’t touch your cheeks. This can cause all sorts of discomforts, like fogging up, slipping off your nose or leaving red marks on your skin.
4. The colour of the frames should mesh well with your eyes and complexion. For example, if you prefer a subtle look, pick out the neutral tones in your eye colour and find a matching colourway – Dark Brass or Mocha Tort can set off speckled green eyes winningly. If you’re into statement looks, go for a complementary colour – blue eyes will stand out with a Dark Terra or Tortoise frame.

When all is said and done, we’re inclined to believe that there are no absolutes when it comes to style. What we’re saying is listen to us (obviously), but mainly listen to yourself. We already know you’ll look awesome anyway.

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